Monday, January 14, 2013

Electric Screen: My first success

Electric Screen was and it is my most successful app in the market that brought me a lot of downloads - more than half a million in less than a year. It is a prank application that spam lightnings, vibrates and play buzzing sounds to make electricity effect more realistic. There are an options to customize the lightning effect: lightning color, electric border (showing on the screen edges), and turn on/off vibration and sound effects. I am trying to keep everything simple and clear.

If you decide to try it or you already have it, here are some tips for more successful prank:

Tip1: when you click the icon, app will start so choose darker wallpaper and start it from the icon on you screen. (just like on the screens bellow)

Tip2: to start as overlay to where you want, run Electric Screen then close it, after that hold home button (if you have one) until "recent apps" menu appear and then run Electric Screen again and ... oopsss you now have it running on top :)

Tip3: to remove the banner at the bottom click it and it will disappear or just stop your internet connection and then start  the app.

You can download it from the Google Play web page: here

Here are some screenshots:

and video preview: 

If you like "Electric Screen" and have any suggestions or criticisms I will be glad to read them.


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