Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My first Android App on the market :))

Finally ... aCOMB is a Liveeee :))

It cost me a lot of time reading, writing ... testing ... reading, reading, writing ... but I am now OK with android SDK and Java and this app is the result of the hard work. And I spend less than a month to do it. I am proud of myself .. for now :))

I don't need and there is no need to describe what this app does.
Check its market page, watch the video and you will know :)

You can find it at: aCOMB
or direct market address for mobile devices: aCOMB

Here are some screens:

and the video review of the app (made it 2 hours after midnight):

Tonigh i think to drink a lot of BEEEERRRR :)))
CYA :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Console.WriteLine("Hello World");

Hi there,
sooo ... that is my first publication and i it will be some kind of introduction who am I, what I like, what I think of "... events, technical articles, arts and ...", what I'm doing, what kind of "spam" i will post here and etc. :)

So, who am I ? 
I'm just another regular software developer. I am from Bulgaria and I live in Bulgaria. The good part is that i work for a US company, which grants me a good monthly income compared to other salaries in my country.

What I like?
My curse at the moment is Android software development. I just spent every single minute of my free time reading and writing. When I'm exhausted of sitting in the front of my PC, I'm going out to dance. Dancing is one of things that I may spam you later, and of the things I like the most. I'm practicing authentic Bulgarian folklore dances, Cuban style salsa, and kizomba. I also visit classical guitar classes. Playing guitar at home - priceless, it puts your mind to rest. +Japanese classes once a week make the picture of my free time complete and full.

What I think of ""?
You will see later on ... but what I'm thinking now is I need a solid rest and extra hour of sleep :))

What I'm doing?
hmm  .. trying to get back to work

What kind of "spam" i will post here?
That kind of spam :))