Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My first Android App on the market :))

Finally ... aCOMB is a Liveeee :))

It cost me a lot of time reading, writing ... testing ... reading, reading, writing ... but I am now OK with android SDK and Java and this app is the result of the hard work. And I spend less than a month to do it. I am proud of myself .. for now :))

I don't need and there is no need to describe what this app does.
Check its market page, watch the video and you will know :)

You can find it at: aCOMB
or direct market address for mobile devices: aCOMB

Here are some screens:

and the video review of the app (made it 2 hours after midnight):

Tonigh i think to drink a lot of BEEEERRRR :)))
CYA :)

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